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Ramada Inn - Holiday Inn Six Flags - Eureka MO Haunted Place

  • 4901 Six Flags Rd.
  • Eureka, MO
  • (636) 938-6661
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This Holiday Inn once operated as the Ramada Inn and is said to be haunted by a young ghostly girl named Aggie who used to reside here. According to stories, Aggie fell to her death from a window of the barn, which stood where the banquet halls and front desk now are. Witnesses have spotted her running through the halls or peeking at you around a corner. Another story says there were two elderly women staying at the inn and they found a dead man in their bathtub. After they ran out screaming, staff checked the bathroom and found nothing.
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  • Ghost story

    Aggie wasnt active that much but i was sleeping and my dad and mom were about to fall asleep but then my dad heard a bang from a wall. The thing is my brother had the room where we heard the noise with his wife but they decided to get one by the pool. So i guess aggie was saying hi? But then the little grey reading lights you can move (the one next to me) started flashing in a pattern? But before all of this i was walking out of the christmas party to go to my dad to the room to grab something and we walked by the painting of aggie and we heard two light taps, i looked at my dad and asked him if he heard that and he did (there was no one around us) then i tried taking a picture of the hotel while i was leaving and i looked back at the picture to see a black screen? But then my dad said something about aggie while we were driving away, and a huge bang hit our back window. So yea it was pretty creepy but it was rlly nice. ??

    Posted 12/3/22

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  • good

    id rate this about 4/5 pumpkins

    Posted 10/25/21

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  • the little girl

    when i was sleeping i felt something on my bed but it was just my son burtha, but then i saw a little girl in my window, i had to look twice to see if it was my surger daddy but he was on the floor sleeping. but then i saw no little girl, it was the devil.

    Posted 8/8/21

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  • The third stay

    Well the second time I stayed I heard whispering at a low level. Now this is the third stay at the holiday inn and I went with my girlfriend to stay 2 days I didn’t hear the whispering but out of the corner of my eye in my perifrial vision I saw a black shadow run down the hallway we again were on the second floor and that night I was up all night again and felt as though I was being watched my girlfriend felt as though she was being watched too I feel that spirits are attracted to certain people in this life and I think I can sence

    Posted 5/15/21

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  • The second stay

    The first time I stayed at this particular hotel I was awoken by the noise of horses outside at 1:00 am. The second stay I was on the 2 nd floor and was scared because of my last stay so I didn’t sleep at all. While I was awake I felt as though I was being watched and I kept hearing at a really low level of sound whispering but couldent make out what was being said. So I just stayed in my bed until morning. Now on the 26 of March I’m gonna stay a third time with my girlfriend and I’m sure we will experience more activity again. She said when she stayed there the covers were pulled off of her. Very scary

    Posted 3/17/21

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  • My ghost encounter

    I stayed at the Ramada in before it was a holiday inn I stayed on the 2nd floor and around 1:00 am I heard horses outside my window the noise woke me up and when I looked outside there was nothing there to this day the sound of horses freaks me out

    Posted 3/14/21

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  • Foot steps and random talking

    I heard talking around the pool but no one was in the pool area and I kept waking up to foot steps.

    Posted 3/12/21

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  • Noises

    I just herd people walking back and forth outside my window, which is impossible because I was 2 floors up this happened at about 3 am

    Posted 11/11/20

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  • Haunted six flags inn

    Me and my best friend were staying here and lights kept flickering. We thought it might b just bad wiring but we asked it if “something wanted us to leave flicker twice” it did. My friend started acting super weird. I’m not sure if this is a misunderstanding or not.

    Posted 7/13/20

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  • Real encounter

    Me and my friends stayed the night there last night and I told my friends about how it is apperently haunted there so we asked one of the workers and he said that these one girls said that when they would take videos on there phone by the mirror upstairs there phones would start to act super wired. So me and my friends decided that we would go explore around the hotel at 3:00 am. It finally got to 3:00 am and we headed out. The first thing that happend to us was while we were going down the status to get to the lobby The door that leads to the second floor opened right in front of our faces, we were terrified. We kept on wanting to explore and see what else would happen Tho. We finally got to the lobby and went up the stairs where a painting of the apparent ghost that haunts the hotel named Aggie. The floor also has the mirror that those one girls told the workers that they experienced wired stuff happening. Walking around the floor gave me a super wierd feeling and was so much colder than the other floors. We went to the mirror and noticed a strach that wasent there the time we went last time and nothing happend. After that we went into a banquet room I think and my friends heard one of the doors in there start to bang. We also heard a bunch of just wired other sketchy noises while walking around in that floor. While I was down the hall standing with my friends I turned around and around the corner I saw something peeking at us but then dissipierd fast. I saw that other ppl expirienced that too. I never thought anything like it would happen but it did. Later on while we were heading back to our room we all noticed straches on our bodies that were new. We got to our room safely but that’s something I won’t ever forgot.

    Posted 6/17/19

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