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Saint George Hotel - Weston MO Real Haunted Place

  • 500 Main St.
  • Weston, MO
  • (816) 640-9902
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This hotel has been around since 1845 and is believed to have hauntings that date back to the Civil War. A ghostly young boy is said to linger the place, hiding things that belong to guests. Most of the ghostly activity is said to occur in Room #302 and Room #303.
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  • Really neat old haunted hotel! Especially the 2nd floor

    We stay here quite often when we want a night away, we live about 45 minutes away. We have stayed in The Captains Suite but the last time we stayed it was booked so we just took a regular room….room 209. We had dinner and hung out with friends before going to our room for the night, about 11:30pm. I washed my face and we got into bed, watched tv for a bit then fell asleep. I woke up at 2:43am freezing cold but completely covered with blankets. I saw a female in the hallway moving about between the hall and the tv. She was wearing a cream/white gown and floating, kind of a smoky hazy look. I was so cold and couldn’t get warm. The room was dark besides the nightlight we brought in the bathroom. She moved closer to the bed and I got colder. Finally she left and I could feel my body finally warming up. I woke hubby but he had no clue what was happening. He said he saw nothing and was not cold. VERY CREEPY!

    Posted 2/22/24

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  • Definitely saw something by the bed!

    I wish I remembered what room I stayed in when I stayed one weekend with some friends, but I’m pretty sure it was the 2nd floor. I couldn’t go to sleep easily our second night and at one point, I was looking around the darkened room. I saw a black misty figure, about the size of an 8-10 year old, on the opposite side of the bed. I witnessed it scurry around to the end of the bed, and then over to my side. I have a young daughter that sometimes gets in bed with my husband and I, and it reminded me of her in the middle of the night. I immediately turned on my phone light to shine light next to me where the shadow stopped, and there was nothing there. Pretty creepy!

    Posted 5/6/22

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  • A ghostly night

    My husband and I were in room 202. I was getting ready for bed. Taking off my makeup in the bathroom. All of a sudden I hurt the shower curtain move. The hooks are metal so it was very distinct. I turned around and the curtain was about 1/4 open. There is definitely ghostly things there. My mother was in room 203 and woke up to all her blankets at her feet. This is a fun hotel to stay and ghost hunt.

    Posted 11/1/21

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  • ghost in room 201

    My wife and I stayed in room 201 and we had an early check-in and left to explore the town. when we came back around 3 pm my wife walked in and said it felt like someone had been in our room. I laughed at it. I heard it was haunted but never said anything to my wife about it. We took a short nap and my wife took off her neckless and set it on the end table by the bed. When she woke up it was across the room by the microwave. Later that night she said that she could hear kids playing in the hallway but there where no kids. Around 3 AM we both heard banging of pipes and could not figure out why this was going on. We had the most comfortable bed to sleep on but that night we tossed and turned all night and could not sleep. Plus our T.V. kept shutting off by itself.

    Posted 8/30/21

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  • Your Grandparents owned the Place ? Pemberton?

    Hi Plan on visiting this hotel very soon I am a relative of Richard Pemberton.

    Posted 4/27/21

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  • Didn’t know about paranormal activity until we checked out

    My fiancé and I stayed in room 311 at the St George Hotel for a weekend getaway. We knew the place was old but hadn’t heard of it being haunted prior to us leaving the next morning. My fiancé and I woke up in the morning and he told me he couldn’t sleep because a kid was running around, laughing and knocking on things at around 2am. I was already asleep and did not hear anything. He told me he could hear loud and clear and thought it sounded like a boy. He even got up to go the door to tell whoever it was to keep it down. He said he could hear the child right outside the door before he opened it, but when he opened it nothing was there. When we were checking out my fiancé told the lady at the front desk about it, and she said there were no children checked into the hotel that night. She then told us that many guests have had experiences like ours. We immediately got on the internet to find that this little boy is haunting rooms 303/302. Room 303 was directly across from ours.

    Posted 2/8/20

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  • Room 209 definitely haunted!

    We’ve stayed in room 201 many times and never had the experience we had last night. The first time in room 209 and I woke up to an extremely cold feeling along my right side. I could see something that appeared to be cream colored smoke or shadow pacing between the TV and the long hallway by the bathroom door. I got up and turned on the bathroom light and when I shut the bathroom door only light escaped under it, but the “thing” was still there. Very creepy and Erie feeling until it left the room about 50 min later.

    Posted 3/11/18

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  • My grandparents owned this hotel .I spent my childhood there

    I have had years living there and no experience of ghosts .

    Posted 1/2/18

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