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Hotel Bothwell - Real Haunted Place

  • 103 E. 4th St.
  • Sedalia, MO
  • (660) 826-5588
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This hotel dates back to 1927 and is believed to have a haunted third floor. There has reportedly been numerous ghosts spotted on this floor, and guests have claimed to hear unexplained voices. Personal belongings have also mysteriously gone missing in the middle of the night.
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  • TV doors were closed every time I went to the bathroom

    I stayed in this fantastic hotel while working at nearby Whiteman AFB I was visiting from the UK. The night before our visit I stayed up most of the night writing a script for the filming we were doing the next day. I kept the TV on in the background whilst I worked on my laptop. I must have visited the bathroom at least 3 times that night and on every occasion the wooden doors in front of the tv screen had been closed. The TV remained switched on. I had no idea of the hotel’s paranormal track record. I asked at breakfast if the place was haunted and the nice lady asked me about my experience with great interest. She told me that mine was pretty mild and that others had reported people getting into bed with them! What a great place. I didn’t get a bad vibe from the ghost at all. PS I checked that the tv doors couldn’t have moved on their own. No way. I’m an engineer.

    Posted 6/30/23

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  • Didn’t sleep well, but it’s a cool place

    I stayed on the third floor in a suite with a name placard referencing something historical on the door. I didn’t know it was haunted or had any history, but I always assume all old, ornate buildings have some history. I was awoken at 4:30am by a very loud crashing sound like something hitting the tile floor of my room. After the crash, it sounded like something the size of a water bottle cap was skipping across the tile floor. I sat straight up and turned on all the lights. Nothing was out of place in the whole room.

    Posted 11/30/22

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  • Truth - Stayed at Bothwell three times with three experiences

    Firs time (2014 or so) with no knowledge of the hotel's history, was working in bed on a laptop computer with the lights out and at 1 am (courthouse bell across the street) I felt a strange presence and looked up across the room. A black figure - blacker than the dark - looked like it had a long coat and a hat on and was moving towards the bed slowly. A feeling of malevolence came from it. When it reached the foot of the bed I spoke and told it to leave. It veered towards the door and disappeared. In the morning when checking out I asked if anyone had "reported anything strange." I had been on the 4th floor and the clerk said, "We don't usually hear about anything there." And she told me the stories. I returned the next year to the same room. After 1 am started hearing a clear, low growling from the far corner of the room by the window. It kept on until I told it to shut up. Two years later I was back (business trips) and in the room next door to my earlier one. It was daylight but I could feel a definite and unpleasant "presence," almost disorienting. At that moment some workers came, said they were moving furniture, and started to take the door off. I told them it was ridiculous and called the desk clerk, who apologized and moved me to a room down the hall and around the corner. In the new room there was nothing and everything felt normal. I wondered what would have been in store for me if I had stayed in the first room. Can you imagine they were moving room furniture with a guest in the room? FIne hotel, middling to disappointing service, interesting experiences. I would return in a second if I were in that part of the state. I'm a professional researcher and have not had anything like this happen to me before or after. A complete anomaly and no set of hallucinations.

    Posted 10/21/22

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  • Spooks books and a left hook

    I had stayed one night at the Bothwell hotel and I was chilling vibing on the couch when a book that I had put on the table flew up and hit me in the head. I gasped when I looked up and saw Tyrone the not so friendly ghost I threw a left hook and bam nothing was there I could not deal with it I backflipped out the third story window landed on a skateboard kickflipped and moral of the story free skateboard

    Posted 5/3/21

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  • Wasn’t alone in the room

    I was staying in a room on the fifth floor and in the middle of the night felt like someone was sitting on the opposite end of the bed.

    Posted 6/17/20

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  • Work for the Bothwell

    Only been here for a week or two and I have never experienced anything on this floor. Never had a guest say anything either. Maybe as time goes on something might happen. No one has died here so I don't see how there could be any spirits lingering. Maybe it's just someone's imagination working overtime? I think that people think that just because it's an old building that it must be haunted. Just so you know I do believe in ghosts just not here.

    Posted 7/28/19

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  • I believe!!

    Stayed on the 3rd floor this past weekend and I could hear what sounded like an old tv with distorted sound... I heard this off and on all weekend. Friday night as I was laying in bed I felt something grab me by the back of my neck and let go and then felt like someone walked out of the room. Very weird place but also very cool.

    Posted 7/9/17

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