Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions in Missouri

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The quick and easy way to find all the exciting Halloween attractions in the Missouri area for 2016! Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're looking for some spooky fun then you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of local Missouri haunted houses, hay rides, spook walks, and more for the scariest day of 2016! Check out all the attractions below - there's something for everyone!

Insane Asylum

Located in Nixa

When a chaplain of this insane asylum became too entranced with finding a cure for his patients his own mental state slowly turned psychotic. Eventually his passion to calm and suppress their fears was taken to another level of insanity. Now his compassion for the mentally insane has turned into an intense desire to cure them ALL by complete confusion, fright and massacre. Discount da... Read More

Fear Fest Haunted House

Located in Columbia

In late 2009 the government setup the Snowbrier containment facility in Boone County Missouri to house people infected with a deadly virus know as Humanus Fames Nine or HF9 for short. People infected with HF9 become baseless animals with only the most primal of instincts. They have no fear, no remorse and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. In fact the only pain stimul... Read More

Necro Planet

Located in Columbia

The world is dead. Society has collapsed. Law and order have been replaced by chaos and survival. NecroPlanet is nationally recognized as one of the best haunted attractions in Missouri and is conveniently located near all 3 college campuses and downtown Columbia. It features two interactive haunted attractions: The Pit and the legendary Necropolis, now in its 10th year! This season you will... Read More

Freaks Fair

Located in Warrensburg

Freaks Fair is The Deadliest Show On Earth! Come in and witness the strange and sinister acts from all types of clowns. Freaks Fair has dedicated its theme to the dark side of the carnival. Many haunted houses may have one or two clown rooms, and every time these rooms seem to be the most scary. Well, Freaks Fair will push you to the limit with creepy clowns. Read More

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Halloween 2015 attracted over 17,244 visitors.
A 40% increase from 2014... More...

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